Hot Pepper Pickle

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Ingredients for Hot Pepper Pickle

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Step by Step method

  • Hot Pepper Pickle Recipe

    Wash all the peppers nicely and put them in the jar. Keep them waiting in the jar at least for a day. That way, peppers will get softer and will cover less space. Peel and slice the garlics largely. Put half of them at the bottom of the jar. Remove the vines of the peppers. Make a hole in the middle of them with the knife. Place them tightly in the jar. Also, push them harder with your hands to squeeze them more. Since peppers are soft, they won't get crushed or break. Don't forget to add the rest of the garlic. Finally, put the parsleys on top. Pour the vinegar in the jar and put enough water to fill the rest of the jar. Put the vinegar-water mix in a pan, we don't want to waste anything, that's why we're doing this. Put salt in the mix and let it boil. When it's boiled, take the mix off the pan and pour them in the jar on top of the peppers. When completed, quickly close the jar with the cover. In couple of hours, you will see that peppers are getting more yellow. After a week, your pickles are ready to be eaten. Enjoy!

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