Savory Cabbage Wraps with Olive Oil: A Wholesome and Flavorful Delight

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  • Yield: 6
  • Prep time: 15 m
  • Cook time: 0 m
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Introduction: Experience the delicious combination of tender cabbage leaves and the rich flavors of olive oil with this recipe. These cabbage wraps offer a wholesome and satisfying meal option that is both nutritious and packed with flavor. Filled with a savory mixture, these wraps are versatile and can be enjoyed as a main course or appetizer. Let’s dive into the recipe and explore the wonderful world of cabbage wraps.

Ingredients for Cabbage Wraps with Olive Oil

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Total Nutritional Values

1132 kcal
Total Fat
Saturated Fat

step by step

  • Instructions:

    1-Start by preparing the cabbage leaves. Remove any damaged outer leaves from the cabbage head and gently separate the remaining leaves. Blanch the leaves in boiling water for about 2-3 minutes until they become slightly softened. Drain and set aside.

  • 2-In a large skillet, heat the olive oil over medium heat. Add the minced garlic and sauté for about 1 minute until fragrant.

  • 3-Add the finely chopped onion, grated carrot, and chopped bell pepper to the skillet. Sauté for approximately 5 minutes until the vegetables become tender.

  • 4-Stir in the cooked rice, dried oregano, dried thyme, salt, and pepper. Mix well to ensure all the flavors are incorporated.

  • 5-Take a cabbage leaf and place a spoonful of the rice and vegetable mixture in the center. Fold the sides of the leaf over the filling and roll it tightly to form a wrap. Repeat this process with the remaining cabbage leaves and filling.

  • 6-Serve the cabbage wraps warm, garnished with fresh herbs if desired, and accompanied by lemon wedges for a tangy twist. These wraps can be enjoyed as a main course or sliced into bite-sized pieces as appetizers.

  • Conclusion:

    Embrace the delightful flavors of cabbage wraps with olive oil and enjoy a wholesome and satisfying meal. This recipe showcases the versatility and taste of cabbage as it combines with the richness of olive oil and a savory filling. Whether served as a main course or appetizer, these wraps are sure to impress with their combination of textures and flavors. Elevate your culinary skills and savor the goodness of this nutritious and delicious dish.


  • Choose a cabbage head that is firm and has tightly packed leaves for easier wrapping.

  • Don't overcook the cabbage leaves during blanching to ensure they remain pliable for wrapping.

  • Customize the filling by adding other vegetables or cooked protein such as mushrooms, zucchini, or ground meat.

  • Drizzle some additional olive oil over the wraps before serving for an extra touch of richness.

  • Make a larger batch of cabbage wraps and freeze them individually for convenient and quick meals in the future.

  • Experiment with different seasonings and herbs to add your own unique twist to the recipe.

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